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Leadership is the ability to elevate others to a level of significance by building powerful influential relationships.
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What is the Michael Glaze Leadership Experience?

The MGL Experience is a personal development journey of discovery. With a carefully designed expedition into The Five Pillars of Leadership, you will discover:

  • Who am I?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • Develop my skills.
  • Follow my passion.

Whether through a lunch and learn 30- 45 minute discussion, an hour conversation, a half day session, or full day experiential growth opportunity, you will walk away with golden nuggets to apply your knowledge in a real way that will multiply value in others.

We impact the world greatest by the simple act of service to another. Leadership is the ability to elevate others to a level of significance by building powerful influential relationships.

Allow Michael Glaze Leadership to serve you through this process and experience servant leadership in an exciting, new, and incredible way.

About Michael Glaze

Leadership Guide

Michael Glaze is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with over 25 years of communication and leadership experience. Michael is a motivated, engaging, passionate speaker who has gained valuable experience through the military, hospitality, retail, local government and education disciplines.


Companies I’ve Worked With

“Michael expounded on the information in ways I had never explored which changed my mind and then changed my understanding!”

~ Christopher Ruffin ~

Do Our ACTIONS Make a Difference

My last blog was about my word for the year, ACTION. Well I’ve been thinking about, am I making a difference by my current ACTIONS? I am a Training and OD Advisor and spend a lot of my time facilitating classes from Motivation, Coaching, Supervising,...

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The ACTION Behind Generosity

An action that we all should get behind; the ACT of being Generous! When was the last time that you gave without any expectation of a return? Find a person in need and give of yourself. This isn’t always about money! You can give your time, talents, thanks, a...

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Team – Intentionally

While facilitating one of my favorite classes yesterday, Customer Service Essentials, my challenge to the participants was to take ACTION and raise the customer service bar a little higher each and every day. According to Bob Farrell, the man who created the...

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Habits: Are You Aware of What You are Doing?

Recently, I was very fortunate to attend a session with the man who literally got me hooked on leadership way back in 1989: Ken Blanchard, author of “The One Minute Manager.” He brought up the subject of Habits. To be successful, he suggested...

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Be Proactive

Today I want to use a segment from Steven R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a reminder that we need to create a habit to ensure the right action takes place. Habit 1: Be Proactive – “Are my actions based upon...

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How Do We Become The Greatest Generation of All Time?

I want to take you on another journey but different from the last time I was able to speak with you. Today, I would like to you to remember what it was like around the age of 5 years old. That last few months before you had to go to school and the world was your gem...

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First Step of Becoming a Great Leader

As I prepare to speak and lead others through the subject of leadership, I am reminded by many great leaders that if we want to lead, we must first find out who we are.  In the words of Mark Twain, “The two greatest days of your life is the day you were...

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The Second Step of Becoming a Great Leader

Once we have a grasp of “Who We Are,” we should then ponder the even more difficult question of “Who Do We Want to Be?”.  When we determine what we want to do, we learn even more about who we are. Are we people who will put our dreams and plans...

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