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Today I want to use a segment from Steven R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a reminder that we need to create a habit to ensure the right action takes place.

Habit 1: Be Proactive – “Are my actions based upon self-chosen values or upon my moods, feelings, and circumstances?”

As I reflect upon this habit, I realize how many times or how much time is spent being reactive because I chose not to plan ahead for my day whether at work or even on weekends that I need to accomplish tasks that will make life just a little better if I can complete them early and enjoy family time later in the day or for the rest of the weekend.

Almost every management and leadership book or guide on time management mentions planning for your next day the last 20 minutes of the day before to be successful. Why doesn’t that happen???

We can make excuses all day long like I didn’t have enough time or I had an appointment that forced me to leave early or just simply put, it has been one of those days and I need to leave NOW! Time and time again, instead of running our day… our day runs us.

Here is my challenge for all of us. Invest in a planner whether paper and pen or our electronic device that keeps our information for us. Over the next 21 days, take 20 minutes of your day and be proactive in planning for the next day. Be consistent, honest, and write SMART (goals). When we complete the 21st day, a habit should be formed, and we can begin living just a little bit better and feel like we have control over our lives and perform at a higher level of success.

Thanks for spending a Moment with Michael.