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My last blog was about my word for the year, ACTION. Well I’ve been thinking about, am I making a difference by my current ACTIONS? I am a Training and OD Advisor and spend a lot of my time facilitating classes from Motivation, Coaching, Supervising, Leadership and other soft skills as well as Supervisor Skills like Project Management, Culture, and Ethics. I also facilitate Personal Development courses: Branding, Speaking in Public, and Managing Time to list a few.

By now you are wondering where I am going and whether you even care. Well here are my thoughts…

Are my ACTIONS adding value? Do my ACTIONS make a difference in the workforce? Are the outcomes worth all of my ACTIONS?

Rest assured that our ACTIONS do make a big difference in the lives we invest our time and talents. I remember and still communicate with fellow school teachers that remind me often that it isn’t the score on a test that measures our dedication and passion for what we do but that it is the changed lives that are better because of our investment. Often, we do not get feedback for months, even years, but there is always a day that one of our students or class participants will say, “I remember something you said one day during class and I just want you to know that it made a big difference in my life and I will never forget. Thank you!” There you go!!! Remember that many lives are better for the time we spent sharing knowledge, yet we may never have the opportunity to hear the outcome.

***Take a moment to tell the person or people that made a difference in your life how much you appreciate their investment in you. I guarantee that you will not be able to measure the wonderful feelings you have blessed them with by sharing.

Thanks for spending a Moment with Michael.