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I want to take you on another journey but different from the last time I was able to speak with you. Today, I would like to you to remember what it was like around the age of 5 years old. That last few months before you had to go to school and the world was your gem to discover. The world for me was grand. I walked down the driveway to my Mammaw’s house, which by the way was my fondest memory up into my 20’s. Life was simple. My Pappaw was still milking a cow twice a day and kept an acre garden that we all worked to supply food for the year. I remember my Daddy and Pappaw having conversations with other men and when they agreed on sale, trade, or just a time and place they wanted to meet they ended the conversation with a good firm handshake. I knew when either of these men shook someone’s hand, I could count on that being the truth. That was one thing for certain that would come to be. What a wonderful generation to witness and be a participant. It was great!

Today I want to discuss the opportunity WE have to create the Greatest Generation to ever exist. (This is not to take away from our “Greatest Generation”, the men and women who lived and were given this title for the time period between 1901 – 1927, but to learn from them and add value to the generation of today.)

Have you ever wondered, what happened and why are we the way we are? (as a people, the human race the worlds smartest and brightest creatures) Why are we this way? 

International Alert created the Peace Perception Poll of 2018 with over 100,000 people and found that “more countries are experiencing violent conflict now than at any time in the past 30 years. People have been displaced from their homes at a rate not seen since the Second World War. The cost of conflict is currently estimated at US $1.04 trillion a year.” 

You may be asking what this has to do with us. Well, to a much larger degree than what we are willing to admit sometimes, this is us. Look at our cities and counties.

Now my question to each of us is, what are we going to do about it?

I believe that we can learn from the Greatest Generation and become noted for growing and advancing beyond. I want to share 5 steps to help change the world so that we can be known as the Greatest Generation of All Time. 

I call these 5 steps: The Five P’s

  1. Personal Responsibility

Let’s don’t play the blame game. We are destroying people’s character daily without a second thought. We should step up and take responsibility for our actions! Demonstrate our own character rather than destroy someone else’s. Build others up and do not break them down.

2.Practice Humility

Humble our hearts and raise the level of dignity and modesty in our lives. Check our behavior multiple times a day to make sure we are grounded. Learn to say “we” before “me”. Show gratitude for every situation good or bad because there is a blessing to be found through all things.

3. Promote a Strong Work Ethic

One of our greatest challenges today is to instill a strong work ethic and professionalism in our children. We must intentionally take the time to have conversations, work in the yard, and stress the importance of being our best and the discipline it takes to be successful. Be determined to work hard and show our children what it looks like to work. Discuss situations and involve them as much as you can so that they can begin to understand that with hard work comes responsibility. With well managed responsibility comes success.

4. Prudent Saving

We are a consumer-based economy. We purchase babysitters like PS4s, iPads, smart phones or whatever it takes to keep ‘em quiet and not argue or distract us from our emails, text, and busy work. Rarely do we ever repair anything because it is cheaper to purchase a new one. We must explain the value of a dollar! We must learn and teach others how and why to save money. When we learn how to value a dollar, the dollar will automatically increase in value.

5. Promise of Faithful Commitment

We must make a commitment to be faithful in relationships, commitment to friendships, loyalty to those we work for and work with, the determination and belief that people are more valuable than things, being honest and having integrity will create an environment where we can all thrive and be successful.

So there it is. The Five P’s that can make us The Greatest Generation of All Time.

We are able, when we decide, to make the choice to be. All things worth having are found by hard work, discipline, and the want to and will do attitude. Make yourself a positive role model for others. Take a moment to look at your neighbor and shake their hand and tell them, we can do this together. Let the handshake be your bond. The change begins today!

Thanks for spending a Moment with Michael.