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Once we have a grasp of “Who We Are,” we should then ponder the even more difficult question of “Who Do We Want to Be?”

When we determine what we want to do, we learn even more about who we are. Are we people who will put our dreams and plans into action? Will we be proactive in reaching our goals or will we be passive and waste our limitless potential?

“It’s never really the right time – but you have to decide and put yourself into motion. Inside all of us is incredible potential. Open yourself up to a new reality. It’s about rediscovering your true nature and tapping into the mother lode of potential available to you. That’s when you can start to make big, fat changes in your life.” Jen Sincero

I have always dreamed of being a positive and influential leader. I have yearned to be considered one of the ‘Greats’. I never said; however, that I want to be Great. I have tried to emulate others without truly embracing my full potential. I believe that this is a monumental flaw in my thought process. 

We should all strive to be Great.

Yes! Learn from your mentors.

Yes! Apply the knowledge you gain.

Yes! In your own words speak what you have mastered from your heart.

Create your own stories; for that is when we genuinely touch people’s lives and become who we want to be.

“Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau

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